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List of Great Elders of Kiatagmiut (Principia Moderni III Map Game)

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{{{royal_title}}} of the
Kiatagmiut Band
since 1710

This is a List of the Great Elders of the Kiatagmiut Band. The Great Elder is the Head of State and Head of Government for the Band, and is typically the most recognized political figure in the nation.

Interestingly, he is popularly elected, unlike most other rulers (especially in Europe and Asia). That being said, the past three Great Elders were all directly related.




# Image Name Lifespan Reignspan Historical Notes
1 Kayuqtuq ca. 1600-1650 1635-1650* Lavkar Reforms, Arrival of luussitars
2 Taktuq ca. 1610-1678


3 Aklaq^ 1652-1710 1678-1710 First hereditary Great Elder
4 Siluk^ 1681-1736 1710-1736

* - From the death of Kayuqtuq in 1650 to the accension and recognition of Taktuq in 1651, there were multiple competing contedners each claiming to be the Great Elder.

^ - Indicates that the Great Elder was the heir of his predecessor.



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