Grand Chief of the 12 tribes of Native America
Great Symbol of Native America
Ronkwe Wasake Cogi Galilahi
since 2012

Style: The Venerable
First monarch: Kangee Mapiya , The Great Founder
Formation: 1660
Residence: The Great Pyramid, Cahokia
Titles: Grand Chief of the 12 Tribes

The Chosen One

 The Grand Chief of the Native American Federation is the head of state of the nation.


The First Grand Chief was Kangee Mapiya, The Great Founder, he unified the warring tribes of North America into one nation to counter the European invaders. The Native Americans were succesfully unified and managed to expel the Europeans from much of their lands.


Election process

The Grand Chief is purely elected by destiny. The Council of Elders acts as regent when there is no Grand Chief and they announce the next Grand Chief. Until recently every name of every single Native American Person above the age of 18 is put on a piece of paper into a very large vase, the Supreme Elder takes one of the papers out and this person is officially elected as the new Grand Chief. However, this is no longer feasible, so now a computer randomly chooses a name. This person is regarded as The Chosen One, elected purely by destiny and the will of the spirits.


The person in question must meet following requirements to qualify for the position of Grand Chief:

  • The person is older than the age of 18
  • The person is a Native American or one of his/her parents is a Native American
  • The person must have never have commited any grave crimes
  • The person must be mentally and physically able to perform his or her duties
  • The person is a member of one of the 12 tribes

Term length

There is no fixed term length, Grand Chiefs usually hold their position until they die or become seriously sick. The Grand Chief may also voluntarily abdicate if they want so.

List of Grand Chiefs

Grand Chiefs of Native America
Number Name of Grand Chief(tess) Reign
1 Kangee Mapiya 1660-1675
2 Degotoga 1675-1702
3 Kuwanyauma Tangakwunu 1702-1743
4 Igasho 1743-1758
5 Weayaya 1758-1762
6 Odahingum 1762-1796
7 Atsidi 1796-1806
8 Sacagawea 1806-1855
9 Dyami 1855-1870
10 Enkoodabaoo 1870-1879
11 Hantaywee 1879-1897
12 Hanska 1897-1923
13 Nashashuk 1923-1948
14 Quanah 1948-1962
15 Chayton 1962-1979
16 Talulah 1979-2012
17 Ronkwe Wasake Cogi Galilahi 2012-present


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