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List of Governors of Neonotia (1983: Doomsday)

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Governors of Neonotia:

Jimmy Carter 1985-1993


First Governor of Neonotia

James Earle "Jimmy" Carter, Jr., was the 79th governor of Georgia (1971-1975) and the 39th president of the United States of America (1977-1981). Defeated in 1980 by Ronald Reagan, he established the Carter Center in Atlanta, from where he was rescued by secret service agents in September of 1983. Finding himself the most experienced leader in his beloved Southwest Georgia, he founded the emergency government of what he named "Neonotia."

Bill Baxley 1993-2001

Bill Baxley

Second Governor of Neonotia

From Dothan, Baxley ironically found his hometown becoming a part of a new state in 1985. Before that, though, he served as the lieutenant governor under political legend George C. Wallace of Alabama. Then, in 1984, on the run from Wallace's assassin, he met with Carter and helped to form the government of Neonotia. Appointed lieutenant governor in the petition government of 1984, he would be elected fully in 1988 along with Carter as governor. As Carter's successor, he would become the governor that would make contact with the rest of the world.

Mark Taylor 2001-2005

Mark Taylor

Third Governor of Neonotia

Taylor was a lawyer in Albany, Georgia, when the Marine base was annihilated by a low yield nuclear weapon across town. Having just returned home from church, he immediately responding to the need, returning to Porterfield United Methodist Church where he was a member to find what the church leadership already busy converting the facilities into a refugee center. Through the turmoil that almost destroyed Albany, he became a battle-hardened fighter for the rights of the beleaguered black community that made up the majority in the city. By mid-1984, when contact was made with Carter through messengers from Plains, Taylor had established himself as a leader who could be trusted. He became a key member of Carter's campaign for racial reconciliation in the new nation. In 1990 he was elected to the Neonotian Senate and worked closely with Charles Barkley who by then had become a key aide to Lt. Governor Baxley. In 2000, he was selected as the candidate for governor when Barkley had refused the nomination to pursue a master's degree at the University of Neonotia at Americus. A Democrat, he easily defeated the Republican candidate to become the forth governor of Neonotia. After a rather lackluster term, he would not seek re-election in 2004.

Charles Barkley 2005-09

Charles Barkey

Fourth Governor of Neonotia

An unlikely athlete, Barkley had been selected by Auburn in 1981 after a late blooming high school career got the attention of the school's coaches. Already a sensation, beginning what would have been his junior year, the business major was called on instead to be a soldier. As a black man against the forces of the evil Army of Alabama, he helped Bill Baxley escape Alabama to serve under Jimmy Carter in Neonotia. When Baxley followed Carter, Barkley remained by his side but not as lieutenant governor. As the governor's chief of staff he had had become the face of Neonotia and the presumed next governor. But his unfinished degree bothered him, so he chose to get not just a degree, but go on for a MBA. While there, he naturally returned to basketball where he excelled and became extremely popular all over the southeastern part of North America. When he indicated he was ready to be governor, he had only token opposition. As popular as he had been throughout the years, Barkley found that the heat at the top was not what he had expected. After one term he was unexpectedly defeated by the first Republican to mount a serious campaign since the birth of the nation.

Sonny Perdue 2009-Present

Sonny Perdue

Fifth governor of Neonotia

Born George Erwin Perdue, III, the sixth governor of Neonotia had always been known as "Sonny," and entering politics in the early 1980's (as a member of the County Planning and Zoning Commission) did not change this. The city in which he had been living was near Robbins Air Force Base and suffered from the spreading fires from the Warner Robbins area. However, his actions in saving the town of Perry from destruction served him well. In 1990 he was elected to the Neonotia Senate as a Democrat, switching to the Republican party in 1998 over policy disagreements with the Baxley administration. His constituency backed his change, leaving him in position to advance in the minority party to become the minority leader in 2006. At the urging of his adopted party, he agreed to run against what had become an increasingly socialistic government. In what the Barkley administration had painted as a "racist" campaign, Perdue reminded the voters that the state he grew up in had been one of the original states of the "best nation that ever arose on the face of the earth." A new patriotism swept the 63 year old veterinarian into office on January 12, 2009.

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