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List of Governors of Liberia (Liberia, USA)

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Governors under the 1846 Constitution that created the Commonwealth of Liberia, elections for Governor would be reset at 1846 because of this.

1st-Joseph J. Roberts (1847-1855) No Party (Affiliated with Freedom/Republican policies)

2nd-Stephen A. Benson (1855-1863) Freedom-Republican

3rd-Daniel B. Warner (1863-1871) Freedom-Republican(Party became Republican Party in 1866)

4th-James S. Payne (1871-1879) Republican

5th-Anthony W. Gardiner (1879-1883) Liberian-Whig

6th-Edward W. Blyden (1883-1891) Republican

7th-Hilary R. W. Johnson (1891-1899) Republican

8th-Garreston W. Gibson (1899-1903) Republican

9th-Edward W. Blyden (1903-1907) Republican

10th-Arthur Barclay (1907-1915) Republican

11th-James J. Dossen (1915-1918) Republican

12th-Daniel E. Howard (1918-1923) Republican

13th-Charles D. B. King (1923-1931) Reform

14th-Edwin Barclay (1931-1939) Reform

15th-William Tubman (1939-1947) Liberian-Democrat

16th-Clarence L. Simpson (1947-1955) Liberian-Democrat

17th-? (1955-1963) Liberian-Democrat

18th-? (1963-1967) Liberian-Democrat

19th-William R. Tolbert, Jr. (1967-1975) Republican

20th-Jeremy Ekhart (1975-1979) Liberian-Democrat

21st-Edward Kesselly (1979-1987) Republican

22nd-Samuel Doe (1987-1995) Republican

23rd-William V.S. Tubman, Jr. (1995-2003) Liberian-Reform "New Reform"

24th-Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf (2003-Current) Unity Ticket(between New Reform and Liberian-Democrats)

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