# Governor Party Term of Office
43 Edgar Whitcomb Republican 1969-1973
44 Otis R. Bowen Republican 1973-1977
45 Robert D. Orr Republican 1977-1981
46 John M. Mutz Republican 1981-1985
47 W. Wayne Townsend Democrat 1985-1989
48 John M. Mutz Republican 1989-1993
49 B.E. "Evan" Bayh III Democrat 1993-1997
50 Frank L. O'Bannon Democrat 1997-2001
51 David M. McIntosh Republican 2001-2005
52 J. Murray Clark Republican 2005-2009
53 Mitchell E. Daniels II Republican 2009-2013
54 Mike Pence Republican 2013-present

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