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The British colony of Grahamland was founded in 1820, and had a Governor appointed by the British Monarch until its dissolution in 1980.

Council Governors (1820-1968)

Until 1968, the Governor of Grahamland was the absolute authority in the colony, and the government consisted of a 'Governing Council' selected by the Governor himself.

Name Portrait Took office Left office Notes
1820 1827
1827 1835
1835 1843
James Clark Ross James Clark Ross 1843 1850
1850 1867
Joseph Dalton Hooker 70px 1867 1872
1872 1880
1880 1888
1888 1893
1893 1899
Robert Falcon Scott 70px 1899 1911
William Speirs Bruce 70px 1911 1918
Lawrence Waltham 1918 1940
1940 1956
1956 1960
1960 1966
Titus Cromwell 70px 1966 1968

Parliamentary Governors (1968-1980)

In 1968, in preparation for a predicted transition to independence, the Grahamlandic Parliament was established. The Parliament was led by a Prime Minister, who took on most of the Governor's former responsibilities. The Governor remained as Grahamland's Head of State; and appointed many Members of Parliament (the rest were elected).

Name Portrait Took office Left office Notes
Titus Cromwell 70px 1968 1972
Glyndwr Michael 1972 1978
Owen McReary 1978 1980

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