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List of Governors of Connecticut (One-Term Limit)

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Connecticut governors before 1949 same as in OTL.

# Governor Party Term of Office
78 Chester Bowles Democrat 1949-1951
79 John D. Lodge Republican 1951-1955
80 Abraham A. Ribicoff Democrat 1955-1959
81 John D. Lodge Republican 1959-1963
82 John N. Dempsey Democrat 1963-1967
83 E. Clayton Gengras Republican 1967-1971
84 Thomas J. Meskill Republican 1971-1975
85 Ella T. Grasso Democrat 1975-1979
86 Ronald Sarasin Republican 1979-1983
87 William A. O'Neill Democrat 1983-1987
88 Julie D. Belaga Republican 1987-1991
89 Lowell P. Weicker Jr. A Connecticut Party 1991-1995
90 John G. Rowland Republican 1995-1999
91 M. Jodi Rell Republican 1999-2003
92 John G. Rowland Republican 2003-2004
93 Michael Fedele Republican 2004-present

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