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List of Governors of Alaska (One-Term Limit)

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# Governor Party Term of Office
1 William A. Egan Democrat 1959-1962
2 Mike Stepovich Republican 1962-1966
3 Walter J. Hickel Republican 1966-1969
4 Keith Miller Republican 1969-1970
5 William A. Egan Democrat 1970-1974
6 Jay Hammond Republican 1974-1978
7 Walter J. Hickel Republican 1978-1982
8 Bill Sheffield Democrat 1982-1986
9 Steve Cowper Democrat 1986-1990
10 Walter J. Hickel Alaskan Independence 1990-1994
11 Tony Knowles Democrat 1994-1998
12 John Lindauer Republican 1998-2002
13 Frank Murkowski Republican 2002-2006
14 Sarah Palin Republican 2006-2010
15 Sean Parnell Republican 2010-present

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