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Speaker of the House
NotLAHfourth Reich
Flag of Germany
Style Mr. Speaker
(Informal and within the House)
The Honorable
Appointer Austrian Senatorial Elections
Formation 1976

List of Speakers of the House

Progressive Party
Liberal Party


No.PortraitSotHTook OfficeLeft officePartyVice SotH
1 Bull connor Amadeus Grün
(1930 –1985)
1976 1985 Nationalist Walter Hanl
Erwin Grosskopf
2 Erwin Grosskopf
1985 1988 Nationalist
3 3342309 f248 Deidrich Dopfer 1988 1992 Nationalist
4 ArnoldSchwarzenegger Arnold Schwarzenegger 1988 1992 Nationalist


No.PortraitSotHTook OfficeLeft officePartyVice SotH
5 Roman Herzog Roman Herzog
(1934 - Present)
1996 2000 Liberal
4 Thomas Klestil Thomas Klestil 2000 Present Nationalist