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Emperor of the German Empire
Wappen Deutsches Reich - Reichswappen (Grosses)
Imperial Coat of Arms of Germany
Georg Friedrich, German Emperor
Frederick IV
since 26 September 1994

First monarch: Wilhelm I

RulerDynastyReign BeganReign EndedNotes
Wilhelm I 120px-Wilhelm1HohenzollernJanuary 18, 1871March 9, 1888First German Emperor, he along with Bismarck lead the German states to unification in 1871 after a victorious war against France.
Friedrich IIIFriedIIIHohenzollern March 9, 1888June 15, 1888Son of Wilhelm I. Reigned only for three months then died of throat cancer.
Wilhelm IIDoorn06HohenzollernJune 15, 1888June 4, 1941Son of Friedrich III. Reigned during World War I and the early years of World War II. Longest reigning German Emperor in the German Empire.
Wilhelm IIIKronprinz wihhelmHohenzollernJune 4, 1941July 20, 1951Son of Wilhelm II. Reigned during World War II.
Albert IILouis Ferdinand of PrussiaHohenzollernJuly 20, 1951September 26, 1994Son of Wilhelm III. Reigned throughout the Cold War.
Frederick IV Georg Friedrich, German Emperor Hohenzollern September 26, 1994 Present Son of Albert II

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