This is a list of monarchs of France, starting with the Kings of France from the House of Bourbon.

House of Bourbon (Kingdom of France)

King Start of Reign End of Reign Relation to Predecessor Spouse Heir(s) Title(s)
Henry IV 2 August 1589 14 May 1610 Second cousin of Henry III Marie d'Medici
8 children, one stillborn
Louis XIII King of France and Navarre
Louis XIII 14 May 1610 14 May 1627 Son of Henry IV Anne of Austria
(three sons)
Louis XIV King of France and Navarre
Louis XIV 14 May 1627 29 July 1721 Son of Louis XIII Maria Theresa of Castile Louis, le Grand Dauphin
and Louis, le Petit Dauphin (later Louis XV)
King of France and Navarre
Louis XV 29 July 1721 3 December 1747 Grandson of Louis XIV Marie Adelaide of Savoy
nine sons
Louis XVI King of France and Navarre
Louis XVI 3 December 1747 11 February 1751 Son of Louis XV unmarried Louis XVII King of France and Navarre
Louis XVII 11 February 1751 25 December 1751 Brother of Louis XVI unmarried Louis XVIII King of France and Navarre
Louis XVIII 25 December 1751 19 April 1776 Brother of Louis XVI and Louis XVII Marie Leszczyńska
(fourteen children)
Louis XIX King of France and Navarre
Louis XIX 19 April 1776 1 September 1779 Son of Louis XVIII Maria Josepha of Saxony Louis XX King of France and Navarre
Louis XX 1 September 1779 11 March 1789 (abdicated) Son of Louis XIX Marie Antoinette

first three sons (Louis, Louis Joseph, and Louis Charles), and Louis, Dauphin of France

King of France and Navarre
Louis XXII1 11 March 1789 19 October 1793 (executed) Brother of Louis XX Marie Josephine of Savoy Louis, Duke of Normandy King of France (titular) and Navarre (actual)

When the French Revolution started in 1789, Louis XX abdicated in favor of his brother, the Duke of Brittany, and fled with his wife and seven surviving children to the colonies after being smuggled into Aragon. His eldest son Louis was killed by revolutionaries with his wife (the Dauphine of France) when he was in Marseilles, and the next two sons were killed in battle. Louis XXII fled France proper for Navarre, but he was eventually caught and executed.

Meanwhile Louis XX arrived in Mexique, the only remaining French colony (the French Revolutionary Napoleon had taken Louisiana for the Republic and the British had seized Quebec) and declared himself Mexique's King. His title changed to Louis XXII of France and Navarre and I of Mexique. After his death in 1812, his son, le Dauphin of Mexique, succeeded him as King of Mexique. He reigned until the Second Mexiqain-American War, wherein the United States defeated Mexique and established a republic. (The Republic would later be replaced with an Empire.)

1Louis XX's last surviving son, later the King of Mexique, was briefly acknowledged as Louis XXI when he was four years old. This claim is disputed, but his uncle later titled himself Louis XXII, meaning that he acknowledged it.

House of Bonaparte (French Empire)

A assassinated

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