A list of Finnish monarchs in the No Belgium timeline.


Monarch Marriages Reign
1 Friedrich Karl HK 02 Frederick Charles
(1868 - 1940)
Margaret of Prussia 9 October 1918 28 May 1940
2 Philipp von Hessen Philipp
(1896 – 1980)
Mafalda of Savoy 28 May 1940 25 October 1980
3 Kronberg 1 crop 20101108 Moritz
(1926 – 2013)
Tatiana of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg 25 October 1980 23 May 2013
4 Mafalda Von Hessen Mafalda
(1980 – )
Enrico Cinzano
Carlo Galdo
Ferdinando Conti
23 May 2013 ongoing


King of Finland's crown2

Crown of the Kingdom of Finland

With the independence of the nation from Russia came the task of establishing a secure government. Many in Finland, as well as Germany, were supportive of having the nation under the rule of a constitutional hereditary monarchy. In 1918, Prince Frederick Charles of Hesse-Kassel was elected king of the nation. Despite his original hesitation, he and his family moved to Helsinki as the first royal family in Finland.

Currently, Queen Mafalda is the ruling member of the kingdom. She has had four children to two husbands. Her eldest daughter and heir apparent, Princess Tatiana, was born in 1990.

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