The following is a list of all of the Presidents of the Federated States ever. Federate Presidents can be elected to unlimited four year terms.

John S. Williams has served the most terms, having served for six straight terms from 1907 to 1931. Interestingly, no F.S. President has died in office. The current president is Mike Huckabee, who is in his third term. Huckabee defeated John Edwards in the 2017 F.S. Presidential Election to become the first F.S. president to serve non-consecutive terms.

Presidents of the Federate States
No. Name Took Office Left Office Party Previous Position
1 Jefferson Davis April 20th, 1879 April 20th, 1887 Southern Democratic, Nationalist C.S. Senator from Mississippi
2 Augustus Garland April 20th, 1887 April 20th, 1895 Nationalist F.S. Attorney General
3 John W. Daniel April 20th, 1895 April 20th, 1907 Nationalist F.S. Senator from Virginia
4 John S. Williams April 20th, 1907 April 20th, 1931 Nationalist F.S. Representative from Mississippi
5 James A. Reed April 20th, 1931 June 30th, 1934 (new government) Nationalist F.S. Senator from Arkansas
6 John Nance Garner December 20th, 1945 April 20th, 1953 Southern F.S. Representative from Texas
7 Richard Russell Jr. April 20th, 1953 April 20th, 1965 Nationalist F.S. Senator from Georgia
8 Lyndon B. Johnson April 20th, 1965 April 20th, 1969 Southern F.S. Senator from Texas
9 George Wallace April 20th, 1969 April 20th, 1981 Nationalist Governor of Alabama
10 Jimmy Carter April 20th, 1981 April 20th, 1989 Nationalist Governor of Georgia
11 Pat Buchanan April 20th, 1989 April 20th, 1993 Nationalist Senior Advisor to the F.S. President
12 Bill Clinton April 20th, 1993 April 20th, 2005 Southern Governor of Arkansas
13 Mike Huckabee April 20th, 2005 April 20th, 2013 Nationalist Governor of Arkansas
14 John Edwards April 20th, 2013 April 20th, 2017 Southern F.S. Senator from North Carolina
15 Mike Huckabee April 20th, 2017 Incumbent Nationalist President of the Federated States