Presidential elections

Election Victor Election
150px-John C Breckinridge-04775-restored
John C. Breckinridge 1860 US presidential election
150px-John C Breckinridge-04775-restored
John C. Breckinridge 1864 US presidential election
Stephan A. Douglas 1868 US presidential election
160px-Abraham Lincoln by Alexander Helser, 1860-crop
Abraham Lincoln 1872 US presidential election

List of wars

War Date
300px-Battle of Fort Henry
American invasion of Cuba

May 14th 1865

August 2nd 1866

800px-Battle of Wilsons Creek
American Civil war

January 17th 1873

September 5th 1876

446px-Uncle Sam (pointing finger)
World War One

July 21st 1914

October 23rd 1918

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