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A list of monarchs of the Kingdom of England in the Caesar of Rome timeline.


For a list of monarchs before 1485, see Wikipedia:List of English monarchs

House of Tudor

Monarch Marriage(s) Reign
King Henry VII from NPG Henry VII
Elizabeth of York 22 August 1485 21 April 1509
1491 Henry VIII Henry VIII
Catherine of Aragon 21 April 1509 28 January 1547
King Henry VIII from NPG (3) Henry IX
(1511 -1561)
Maria, Princess of Portugal 28 January 1547 22 February 1561
Elizabeth I when a Princess Anne I
Philip II of Spain 22 February 1561 6 October 1586
Isabella Tudor (Caesar of Rome) Isabella Tudor
TBD 6 October 1586 27 February 1601

House of Habsburg

Monarch Marriage(s) Reign
Henry X CoR Henry X
TBD 6 October 1586 2 April 1624

more to come

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