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Emperors of the Philippine Empire

Name Picture Ascended throne Stepped down/left throne Notes
Nísqua Saval 1899 1930 First Philippine emperor, began Philippine Revolution in 1899. Regarded as the "Father of the Empire".
Símon Saval 1930 1963 Signed Tokyo Pact with Japan in 1941, established Manila Pact with West Australia in 1958, began Korean and Second Indochina Wars in the 1950s.
Corile Saval 1963 1984 Continued Second Indochina War to victory in 1970, initiated invasions of Borneo and New Guinea that triggered the Indonesian War. Signed the Treaty of Singapore in June 1979 that both ended the war in Indonesia and Imperial claims to further territory.
Jérazo Saval 1984 1993 Initiated Empire-wide reforms throughout the late 1980s. Stepped down in 1993 on accusations of assaulting Imperial War Minister Renato Villa's wife.
Komay Saval 1993 Incumbent Has continued his father's work on Empire-wide reforms since 1993, and brought the Empire into the G-30 as a partner nation of China and Korea in 1995.

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