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The Title of "Holy Columbian Emperor" was bestowed upon the person elected by the majority of the (currently) nine members of the Electoral College.

While many monarchs held ambitions to become emperor, and by law they're all eligible to be elected, typically the Electors held preference toward certain nations, usually based on the caucuses. For half a century, this preference has been held by the Kings of Atlantia. But due to the rather incompetent rule of King George III, a shift in the caucuses has happened, resulting in an almost even split between Dixielander Queen Sabrina, and Yamaseean Queen Isabella V.

The election to succeed King George III is planned for January 5, 2015.

List of Emperors

# Monarch Portrait Dates of Rule Home Nation
1 James I

(James I of Romagna)

Konrád2 (1931-1937) Romagna
2 Robert I

(Robert I of Romagna)

Jindra4Salsky (1937-1942) Romagna
3 George I

(George IV of Georgia)

(1942-1949) Georgia
4 Charles I

(Charles II of Dixieland)

(1949-1957) Dixieland
5 James II

(James I of Dixieland)

(1957-1963) Dixieland
6 Henry I

(Henry II of Atlantia)

(1963-1970) Atlantia
7 James III

(James I of Atlantia)

(1970-1980) Atlantia
8 George II

(George I of Atlantia)

(1980-1988) Atlantia
9 Henry II

(Henry III of Atlantia)

(1988-1995) Atlantia
10 George III

(George II of Atlantia)

(1995-2003) Atlantia
11 George IV

(George III of Atlantia)

(2003-2014) Atlantia


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