The Emperor of the Dravimosian Empire is the ultimate head of state of the Dravimosian Empire, as well as the commander-in-chief of the armed forces.


The Emperor is elected from a host of candidates from various Dravimos royal houses. Apart from this, there are several other traits that each candidate must have in order to enter the election.

  • Be at least twenty years of age.
  • Be free of any disease or affliction.
  • Be of good reputation and sound mind.


Upon being noticed as a possible contender to the Imperial throne, the candidates are voted on by the Conclave of the Imperial Senate. This will decide which individual and royal house will control the Empire.

During the consideration of the election, candidates can argue in favor of themselves in almost anyway possible, apart from killing their competitors. As such, imperial elections can be tense and violent and can last for months. Despite this, Emperors typically hold elections towards the latter part of their lives to ensure a smooth succession.

Once a candidate is selected he or she is coronated on the first day of the next year, even though his or her term may begin well before that. The candidate sits upon the Cyrstal Throne in Idaltroas as he or she is decorated by the Archon with the unique crown and armor made for each emperor.


The Emperor is in charge of the military of the Dravimosian Empire and is responsible for leading its forces into battle. The Emperor can be exempt from such service under certain conditions, as listed below:

  • The Emperor is no longer mentally fit to fight.
  • The Emperor is not currently able to fight at the present time.
  • The Emperor has no current heirs.

List of Emperors

  House Zeras
  House Gammas
  House Chakras
  House Zorcs
  House Reshefs
  House Dokuros
  House Shinatos
Number Emperor Took Office Left Office Reason for Leaving Office Length of Reign
747 Sisterat XVII March 10th, 1719 January 30th, 1762 Death, Old Age 43 years
748 Skyeras X February 2nd, 1762 December 25th, 1799 Death, Old Age 37 years
749 Agaret VIII the Mad December 30th, 1799 June 19th, 1822 Deposed 23 years
750 Agaret IX June 22nd, 1822 August 1st, 1822 Resigned >1 year
750 Skera I the Great June 22nd, 1822 July 3rd, 1894 Death, Old Age 72 years
751 Serantaos I July 4th, 1894 January 19th, 1921 Death, Old Age 27 years
752 Doesant IV January 20th, 1921 April 14th, 1946 Death, Premature Heart Failure 25 years
753 Serantaos II April 17th, 1946 January 21st, 1996 Death, Combat with the Mechs 50 years
754 Axnynoras LIV January 21st, 1996 Incumbant N/A 17 years

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