Emperor of China
CoA of Zhou Dynasty
Imperial Seal of China
Wu Shenglong
Wu Shenglong Zhou
since 2001

Style: His/Her Imperial Majesty
Heir apparent: Wu Li
First monarch: Qin Shi Huang (Qin Dynasty)

Wu Zetian (Zhou Dynasty)

Formation: 221 BC (Qin)

660 AD (Zhou)

Residence: Weiyang Palace (Summer Palace)

Forbidden City (Winter Palace)

Titles: His/Her Imperial Majesty the Emperor of China
Reigning house: Second Zhou Dynasty

China is an constitutional,democratic monarchy.The emperor/empress is responsible for all political and military affairs. The monarchy was founded by Empress Wu of the Second Zhou Dynasy in 660.

Line of succession

The line of succession is described below:

  • 1.Oldest child of the emperor
  • 2.Children of the emperor by age (oldest=>youngest)
  • 3.Consort of the emperor/empress
  • 4.Siblings of the emperor
  • 5.Grandchildren of the emperor
  • 6.Children of the siblings of the emperor
  • 7.Other relatives of the emperor

List of emperors

Emperors of China*
Number Name of Emperor (personal name) Reign
1 Wu Zetian 660-705
2 Taiping Zhou 705-715
3 Song Zhou 715-743
4 Li Zhou 746-789
5 Chen Zhou 789-815
6 Zhu Zhou 815-850
850 AD:Empress Yangchen of Tibet conquers Chang'an and Luoyang
/ Yangchen 850-882
888 AD:Chinese reconquest of Chang'an
11 Chan Zhou 850-888
12 Wang Zhou 888-923
13 Zhang Zhou 923-935
14 Xu Zhou 935-988
15 Guo Zhou 988-1019
16 Liang Zhou 1019-1056
17 Han Zhou 1056-1089
18 Feng Zhou 1089-1123
19 Zeng Zhou 1123-1156
20 Cao Zhou 1156-1200
21 Ming Zhou 1200-1220
1220 AD:Genghis Khan of the Mongol Empire conquers China

1961:Shao Zhou reunifies China and refounds the Zhou Dynasty

22 Shao Zhou 1961-2001
23 Wu Shenglong 2001-present
Note:This list only includes emperors of the Zhou Dynasty of China

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