Emperor Portrait Dates of reign Notes
Pyotr I Alekseevich Петр 1 1682-1725 1682 (Emperor since 1721)-1725 First Emperor of Russia.
Catherine I Alekseevna Екатерина 1 1725-1727 1725-1727 Pyotr I's wife
Pyotr II Alekseevich Петр 2 1727-1730 1727-1730 Pyotr I's grandson. Takes throne at the age of 12, died from smallpox at the age of 15
Anna Ioanovna Анна 1730-1740 1730-1740

Pyotr I's niece, former

Duchess of Courland

Ioann VI Antonovich Иоанн 6 1740-1741 1740-1741

Also known as Ioann III (third Tsar with this name). Anna Ioanovna's great-nephew.

Take throne at the age of one.

The country was ruled by his mother.


Elizaveta Petrovna Елизавета 1741-1761 1741-1761 Pyotr I's daughter
Pyotr III Fedorovich Петр 3 1761-1762 1761-1762

Pyotr I's grandson, former Duke of Holstein-Gottorp.


Catherine II Alekseevna Екатерина 2 1762-1796 1762-1796

Pyotr III's wife, former Princess of Anhalt-Zerbst

Pavel I Petrovoch Павел 1 1796-1801 1796-1801

Pyotr III's son. Dethroned.

Alexandr I Pavlovich Emperor Alexander I 1801-1825 Pavel I's son. First constitutional monarch of Russia.
Nicolay I Pavlovich Николай 1 1825-1856 1825-1856 Pavel I's son
Alexandr II Nikolaevich Александр 2 1856-1881 1856-1890 Nicolay I's son.
Alexandr III Alexandrovich Александр 3 1881 -1894 1890-1909 Alexander II's son
Nicolay II Alexandrovich Никола1 2 1894-1916 1909-1934 Alexander III's son. Regin during WWI.
Mikhail II Alexandrovich Михаил21934 1934-1951 Nicolay II's brother. Reign during WWII. First Emperor of PMU rule era.
Andrey I Alexandrovich АндрейАлександровичРоманов 1951-1981 Nicolay II's cousine
Mikhail III Andreevich МихаилАндреевичРоманов 1981-2008 Andrey I's son. End of PMU era.
Alexey I Andreevich Алексей АндреевичРоманов 2008-2010 Mikhail III's nephew. Assassinated.
Andrey II Andreevich АндрейАндреевичРоманов 2010 - Alexey I's brother

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