Emperor of the Nusantaran Empire
Kaisar yang Nusantara
Imperial Seal
since 1994

Style: His/Her Imperial Highness
Heir apparent: Sangramadhananjaya
First monarch: Raden Vijaya
Formation: 1293
Titles: Emperor of the Nusantaran Empire

Protector of Indonesia

Reigning house: Rajasa Dynasty

Nusantara is an absolute,hereditary monarchy,the emperor has almost unlimited power.Many people have made a call for a democracy and participation in the governance.The emperor has the power to declare war,but his power is not unlimited. The emperor can not declare war on many countries at the same time and he can not demand taxes from the people at any time. The emperor may appoint governors to exercice the law and his decisions in the provinces.The current reigning house is the Rajasa dynasty,which was founded by Ken Arok of Singhasari.

The line of succession is described below:

  • 1.Crown prince
  • 2.Sons of the emperor
  • 3.Crown princess
  • 4.Brothers of the emperor
  • 5.Daughters of the emperor
  • 6.Consort of the emperor/empress
  • 7.Sisters of the emperor
  • 8.Grandchildren of the emperor
  • 9.Children of the siblings of the emperor
  • 10.Other relatives of the emperor
Emperors of Nusantara
Number Name of Emperor Reign
1 Raden Wijaya 1293-1309
2 Jayanagara 1309-1328
3 Tribhuwana Wijayatunggadewi 1328-1350
4 Hayam Wuruk 1350-1389
5 Wikramawardhana 1389-1429
6 Suhita 1429-1447
7 Kertawijaya 1447-1451
8 Rajasawardhana 1451-1453
9 Bhre Wengker 1456-1466
10 Singhawikramawardhana 1466-1478
11 Girindrawardhana 1478-1527
12 Jayanegra 1527-1542
13 Sangramawijaya 1542-1581
14 Wisnuwardhana 1581-1619
15 Vishnuwijaya 1619-1647
16 Vishnuwardana 1647-1689
17 Brahmawardana 1689-1712
18 Indrawijaya 1712-1739
19 Suryanegra 1739-1768
20 Rajasanagara 1768-1824
21 Shivawardana 1824-1859
22 Shivawijaya 1859-1884
23 Jayanegra 1884-1901
24 Sangrawijaya 1901-1932
25 Suryawijaya 1932-1955
26 Samhanavatawardhana 1955-1994
27 Sugatuwardhana 1994-present

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