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Emperor of Manchuria
Flag of the Emperor of Manchukuo
Coat of Arms
Pu Quan

Style: His Imperial Majesty
Heir apparent: Pu Yuquan
First monarch: Pu Yi
Formation: 1932
Residence: Imperial Palace
Reigning house: Aisin Gioro

The Emperor of Manchuria is the official head of state of Manchuria.


Following Japan's seizure of Manchuria in 1932, they established a puppet state known as Manchukuo, with the former Qing Emperor, Pu Yi, as its emperor. Pu Yi and his brother were accused of collaborating and being puppets of Japan, resulting in their arrest in 1946 when Russia conquered Manchuria during the end of World War II. Emperor Pu Yi and his brother were thrown into a Russian prison, and the line passed to his younger brother Puren. Puren was essentially a puppet of the Russians, as there was always the threat of overthrowing the monarchy in order to establish a more Russian-friendly government. When Russia collapsed in 2003, Manchuria finally threw off his shackles and established an independent democrat state. The Emperor is merely a symbolic and has little power, however his statements are very influential in Manchurian politics.

List of Emperors

Ruler Image Dynasty Reign Began Reign Ended
Pu Yi 220px-Puyi-Manchukuo Aisin Gioro March 1, 1934 August 29, 1946
Puren Emperor Puren Aisin Gioro August 29, 1946 August 3, 2015
Pu Yuzhang Aisin Gioro August 3, 2015 Present Day

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