Emperor of India
भारत के सम्राट
Emblem of India
Coat of Arms of India
Sikandar Maurya
since 2012
Satyana Kothari
since 2012

Style: His/Her Imperial Highness
Heir apparent: None
First monarch: Chandragupta Maurya
Formation: 320 BC
Residence: Imperial Palace of India
Titles: Samraat/Samrani
Grand Emperor of Greater India
Reigning house: Maurya Dynasty

The Emperor of India is the head of state of and head of the government of India.


The Emperor of India (Hindi:सम्राट, Samraat) or the Empress of India (Hindi:साम्राज्ञी, Samrani) are the most common names. The Emperor or Empress also hold numerous titles.

Line of Succession

There is no current line of succession, Sikandar Maurya is the last known member of the Maurya Dynasty. 


The Maurya Empire was founded by Chandragupta Maurya. The empire was at that time an absolute, divine and hereditary monarchy. Women were also excluded from inheriting the throne. The Maurya Empire collapsed in 185 BC and was re-established in 2012 after the Indian Revolution.

Today, India is a limited, hereditary, constitutional, parliamentary and democratic monarchy. The emperor/empress is responsible for all political and military affairs. The parliament with its head, the Prime Minister is responsible for all other affairs. The current Emperor and Empress are Sikandar Maurya Kothari and Satyana Kothari Maurya.

List of Emperors

List of Emperors of India
Number Name of Emperor Reign
1 Chandragupta Maurya 322 BC - 298 BC
2 Bindusara 298 BC - 272 BC
3 Ashoka 274 BC - 232 BC
4 Dasaratha 232 BC - 224 BC
5 Samprati 224 BC - 215 BC
6 Salisuka 215 BC - 202 BC
7 Devavarman 202 BC - 195 BC
8 Satadhanvan 195 BC - 187 BC
9 Brihadatha 187 BC - 185 BC

Maurya Empire was formally abolished in 185 BC.

Empire was re-established in 2012 after the Indian revolution.

10 Sikandar Maurya 2012 - present
10 Satyana Maurya 2012 - present

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