The Emperor of Germany (German: Kaiser) is the constitutional head of state of Germany. The position has existed since 1871 when the country was first unified. By virtue of the office, the Emperor of Germany is also the King of Prussia. It is from the first King of Prussia that the 'number' of an emperor is counted - thus, Frederick III was the first Emperor by that name.
The ruling dynasty in Germany is the House of Hohenzollern, which has ruled Germany since the Empire was founded.

List of Emperors

# Name Born Died Reigned
1 William (Wilhelm) I 1797 1888 1871 - 1888
2 Frederick III 1831 1888 March - June 1888
3 William (Wilhelm) II 1859 1941 1888 - 1941
4 William (Wilhelm) III 1882 1954 1941 - 1951
5 Louis Ferdinand 1907 1994 1951 - 1994
6 Friedrich Wilhelm 1939 - 1994 -

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