Emperor of Germany
Wappen Deutsches Reich - Reichswappen (Grosses)
Coat of Arms
Georg Friedrich Prinz von Preussen
Georg Friedrich

Style: His Imperial and Royal Majesty
Heir apparent: Prince Carl Friedrich
First monarch: Wilhelm I
Formation: January 18, 1871
Reigning house: Hohenzollern

The Emperor of Germany is the official head of state and once the absolute hereditary ruler of Germany, beginning with the crowning of Wilhelm I following the Franco-Prussian War of 1870.



Wilhelm I is proclaimed Emperor of Germany

Following the German Empire's victory in World War I, the power of the monarchy seemed secure. However, the onset of the Great Depression and various extremist movements resulted in the monarchy transferring more power to the elected Parliament. When France took over Germany in World War II, Emperor Wilhelm III fled Germany, with the French abolishing the monarchy and dismantling the empire. Upon Germany's liberation, the German emperors became counselors for the South German government. Upon Germany's reunification in 2003, the emperor was no longer titular, with Emperor Georg Friedrich becoming the head of state of Germany. However, the emperor no longer has any real power, with Germany now being a constitutional monarchy.

List of Emperors

Ruler Image Dynasty Reign Began Reign Ended
Wilhelm I 120px-Wilhelm1 Hohenzollern January 18, 1871 March 9, 1888
Friedrich III FriedIII Hohenzollern March 9, 1888 June 15, 1888
Wilhelm II Wilhelm II 1905 Hohenzollern June 15, 1888 May 11, 1935
Wilhelm III Tumblr mqt44jd2Fb1qzjmo0o1 500 Hohenzollern May 11, 1935 July 20, 1951
Louis Ferdinand Louis Ferdinand of Prussia Hohenzollern July 20, 1951 September 26, 1994
Georg Friedrich Georg Friedrich Prinz von Preussen Hohenzollern September 26, 1994 Present Day

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