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List of Emperors of Austria (I do not mind, Alexander)

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Portrait Name Dates of regine Notes
1 Franz I 1804-1835 Franz I 1804-1835 First Emperor of Austria. Holy Roman Emperor in 1792-1806
2 Ferdinand I 1835-1848 Ferdinand I 1835-1848
3 Franz joseph 1848-1916 Franz Joseph I 1848-1916 First Emperor of the Triple Monarchy of Austria-Hungary-Slavonia
4 HGM WI~1 Franz II 1916-1917 First Emperor of the Quinary Monarchy
5 Karl I (1917-1924) Karl I 1918-1924
6 Bundesarchiv B 145 Bild-F087871-0018, Bonn, Verleihung Coudenhove-Kalergi-Preis an Kohl Otto I 1924-2011 Emperor of the Quinary Monarchy in 1924-1934, Emperor of the Danubian Confederacy 1947-2011
7 Karl II (2011-) Karl II 2011-

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