The House of Hapsburg-Lorraine can trace its lineage to the former Holy Roman Empire and many other Kingdoms and Duchies of Europe. With the collapse of the HRE in the early 19th century, and the Revolutions of 1848, the Hbsburgs have been labled as one of the most influential Royal Familes in Europe, alongside the Bourbons and Hohernzollerns of France and Germany.

As of 1987, after the Imperial Reforms of that year, Absolute Primogeniture was adopted and added to the Austro-Hungarian Constitution. Upon the death of Karl von Hapsburg, his firstborn daughter, Eleonore von Hapsburg will become the first Empress of Austria-Hungary.
Austrian germany by 1blomma-d4nr5us

Royal Standard of the Austrian Monarchy

List of Austro-Hungarian Monarchs (1804-Present Day)

# Portrait Name Reign Dynasty
1 HGM Kupelwieser Porträt Kaiser Franz I Francis I 1804–1835 Hapsburg-Lorraine
2 Ferdinand I; Keizer van Oostenrijk Ferdinard I 1835–1848 Hapsburg-Lorraine
3 Emperor Francis Joseph Francis-Joseph I 1848–1916 Hapsburg-Lorraine
4 Franz Ferdinand Franz II 1916-1940 Hapsburg-Lorraine
5 Otto of Germany Otto I 1940-2011 Hapsburg-Lorraine
6 KarlvonHapsburg Karl I 2011-Present Hapsburg-Lorraine
7 AusHunheir Eleonore von Hapsburg Heir Apparent (Daughter of Karl von Hapsburg) Hapsburg-Lorraine

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