Emperors of Mexico

Maximilian I 539 a.t.m.- 567 a.t.m. "The Creator of the Empire" First Emperor of the Empire
Augustin II 567 a.t.m. - 600 a.t.m. "Expander of the Empire"  Conqueror of Area 1,2,& 3
Napoleon I 600 a.t.m. - 639 a.t.m. "The Napoleon of the West"
Constantine I 639 a.t.m. - 667 a.t.m. "Constatine the Great" Commander in the Pacific War
Maximilian II 667 a.t.m. - 677 a.t.m. "The Modernizer" created the Imperial Technate
Emilian I 677 a.t.m. - Present "The Massacre Emperor"
 Emperor          Period of Governance      Title or Nickname\Achievements 
Second Mexican Empire Coat of Arms

The Coat of Arms of the Emperor


Maximilian's Castle, the Emperor's residential castle in the Empires Capital of Charlotte

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