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List of counts and dukes of Luxemburg (Chaos)
Name Reign Comment
Luxemburger counts of Luxemburg
Heinrich VII 1288-1320 also Roman king Heinrich VII 1309-20
Karel IV 1320-58 also Roman king Karl IV 1347-58
Luxemburger dukes of Luxemburg
Jann I 1358-92
Jann II 1392-1415
Jann III 1415-68
Karel V 1468-1502 died childless, Luxemburg fell to the sideline of East Tyrol
Karel VI 1502-11 also Roman king Karl V 1495-1511
Heinrich VIII 1511-25
Karel VII 1525-52
Karel VIII 1552-82
Karel IX 1582-1660 Succession unclear, which lead to the Luxemburgian War of Succession and subsequent division of Luxemburg
Berry dukes of Luxemburg (by sake of conquest)
Franz I 1660/64-81 François IV, the "Sun King". Also Roman king Franz III, and ruler of Flanders by sake of conquest.
Franz II 1681-92 François V. Reign overshadowed by the anti-French War
Franz III 1692-94 François VI. Lost Luxemburg to the rightful heir again.
Luxemburger dukes of Luxemburg
Karel XI 1694-1724
Karel XII 1724-50
Karel XIII 1750-72 died 1815, in exile
Luxemburg conquered by France in the first French Republican War; end of state

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