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List of Dukes of Aosta (1861: Historical Failing)

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Duke of Aosta
Duca d'Aosta/Duc d'Aoste
Valle d'Aosta-Stemma
National coat of arms
Aimone II
since 7 July 2006

Heir apparent: Umberto I
First monarch: Amadeo I of Spain (Under regency of Victor Emmanuel II of Sardinia-Savoy until 30 May 1866)
Formation: 30 May 1845 (current establishment)
Residence: Palais des ducs
Émile Chanoux Square, Aosta

The Monarchy in Aosta was created in 1845, with the birth of Amadeo I of Spain, and has since then ruled Aosta.


# Portrait Name Reign Dynasty Titles
1 Amadeo king of Spain Amedeo I 30 May 1845–18 January 1890 (Under regency of Victor Emmanuel II of Sardinia-Savoy until 30 May 1866) Savoy King of Spain and Duke of Aosta
2 Emanuel Filiberto d'Aosta Emanuele Filiberto 18 January 1890–4 July 1931 Savoy Duke of Aosta
3 Amadeo Aosta3rd 01 Amedeo II 4 July 1931–3 March 1942 Savoy Duke of Aosta
4 Aimone I 3 March 1942–29 January 1948 Savoy King of the Independent State of Croatia and Duke of Aosta
5 Amedeo III 29 January 1948–7 July 2006 (Under regency of his mother until 27 September 1961) Savoy Duke of Aosta
6 Aimone II 7 July 2006–incumbent Savoy Duke of Aosta

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