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List of Doges of Genoa (1861: Historical Failing)

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Doge of Genoa
Doge di Genova, Patrizio Genovese e Conte di Montaldeo
Stemma di Genova
National coat of arms
Marco Doria
since 13 July 1998

Heir apparent: Giorgio IV
First monarch: Giorgio I
Formation: 1 March 1861
Residence: Doge's Palace, Genoa

The Monarchy in Genoa was reinstated in 1861, right after the independence from the Kingdom of Sardinia and was since then commanded by the local family Doria.


# Portrait Name Reign Dynasty
1 Stemma di Genova Giorgio I 1 March 1861–23 January 1878 Doria
2 Stemma di Genova Ambrogio I 23 January 1878–14 June 1912 Doria
3 Stemma di Genova Giorgio II 14 June 1912–20 May 1922 Doria
4 Stemma di Genova Ambrogio II 20 May 1922–1957 Doria
5 Stemma di Genova Giorgio III 1957–13 July 1998 Doria
6 Stemma di Genova Marco 13 July 1998–incumbent Doria

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