Present Currency Country or Dependency ISO 4217 Sign Fractional Unit
Bellinsgauzenian chervonets  Flag of Bellinsgauzenia (Great White South) Bellinsgauzenia BAC Chervonets (Russian America) Kopeck
Eduardian dollar  Flag of Eduarda (Great White South) Eduarda EDD $ Cent
Euro  Flag of Kerguelen (Great White South) Kerguelen EUR Cent
Maudland krone  Flag of Maudland (Great White South) Maudland MDK Kr Øre
New Devonian dollar  Flag of New Devon (Great White South) New Devon NDD $ Cent
New South Greenlander dollar  Flag of New South Greenland (Great White South) New South Greenland GSD $ Cent
New Swabian mark  Flag of New Swabia (Great White South) New Swabia NSM Pfennig
New Zealand dollar  Flag of Antarctica by Dave Hamilton Balleny Islands
 Flag of the Ross Dependency (unofficial) Ross Dependency
NZD $ Cent
Ognian chervonets  Flag of Ognia (Great White South) Ognia OGD Chervonets (Russian America) Kopeck

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