Flag Name OTL equivalent
Flag of Northern Epirus
Albania Albania, Epirus, western Macedonia
Flag of Catalonia
Aragon Aragon, Catalonia, Balearic islands, Pyrennes Orientales
Flag of Austria (state)
Austria The Bundesländer of Upper and Lower Austria, Salsburg
Flagge Großherzogtum Baden (1891-1918)
Baden As within the German empire
Flag of Bavaria (lozengy)
Bavaria OTL Bavaria
Betica Andalusia Tangier peninsula and Ceuta
Bohemia Flag (Nat. 1848)
Bohemia Historical Habsburg crownland of Bohemia
Drapeau de la province de Bretagne (1532)
Brettony Bretagne including Nantes and the Channel isles
Estandarte del Reino de Castilla.svg
Castille Castille+Murcia
Flag of Wales
Camria Wales plus Cornwall and Devon
AAN Sarmatia
Cumania southern Alfold region
Flag of England
England minus Devon and Cornwall plus The Pale
Flag of Romania
Dacia Romania minus Moldavia,Dobrogea, Bukovina and Marmures
Dalmatia Dalmatia plus western Hersegovina
Flag of Denmark

Flag of Denmark

Denmark plus Scania and Schleswig
Flag of Estonia

Flag of Estonia (1919-1948)

Estonia plus Livonian coast
Flag of Constitutional Royal France
France France minus Brettony minus northern Basque Country minus Northern Catalonia minus Savoy plus Vallonia
BGA Galicia & Leon
Gallacia Galicia, northern Portugal, Leon, Asturia and Cantabria
Hansean Federation Holstein, Hamburg, Mecklenburg and Niedersachsen including bremen.
Flag of the Kingdom of Slavonia
Illyria Slovenia Carinthia Styria plus Croatia-Slavonia nad parts of southeastern Transdanubia
Green harp flag of Ireland 17th century
Ireland except Ulster and The Pale
Flag of Italy (Myomi Republic)
Italy Italy plus Corsica and San Marino minus Latium and former Kingdom of Naples minus Sicily plus Istria
Flag of the Papal States (1808-1870)
Latium Most of Latium except areas part of the Kingdom of Sicily
Flag of Latvia
Latvia except Livonian coast
Flag of Lithuania
Lithuania plus Grodno region
Marinha de Portugal (1911-1974, Ministro)
Lusitany Portugal south  of the Duoro river plus Extremadura
Flag of Moldavia
Moldavia Moldavia, Bessarabia and Bocovina
Flag of the Netherlands
Netherlands plus northern Belgium
Flag of Prussia (Alternative 2014)
Ost Elbia  Pommerania, Brandenburg minus Lower Lusatia and Lower Silesia
Flag of Poland (with coat of arms)
Poland Poland minus former Prussian provinces of Lower Silesia, East Brandenburg and Pommern, minus Mazovia plus Galicia and Czech Silesia
Flag of Prussia (1892-1918)
Prussia East Prussia
Flag of Rhineland
Rhineland the German states of Nordrhein-Westphalen, Rheinland-Pflaz, Hesse, Sarrland plus Luxemburg
New Flag of the Byzantine Empire Galaguerra1 first version
Romania Byzantine empire- that is, Greece minus Epirus and western Macedonia,estern half of FYROM, southern half of Bulgaria,Marmara and Aegean regions of Turkey, the Pontic coast as far as Sinope, the Mediterannean coast up to the borders of Cilicia, plus Cyprus.
Blue Turkey
Rumelia Northern Bulgaria plus Dobrogea and Pirot district of Serbia
Flag of Saxony
Saxony Current German states of Sachsen, Thuringia and Sachsen-Anhalt plus Lower Lusatia
Savoie flag
Savoy Upper and Lower Savoie departemments in France
Bandiera del Regno di Sicilia 4
Sicilia Former Kingdom of Sicily plus Sardinia
Flag of Scotland
Scotland plus Ulster and Isle of Man
Flag of Serbia (Alternative 2014, war flag)
Serbia Serbia including Kovoso, Metohija, Montenegro, Bosnia, eastern Hercegovina and Northernmost Albania plus NW FYROM
Flag of Slovakia.svg
Slovenia Slovakia, Burgenland, Moravia, Subcarpathia, Transdanubia (except Baranya), Central and Northern Hungary, Marmures, Prekmuria and Medimuria and Szabolcs county
Civil Ensign of Switzerland
Switzerland plus Voralberg and Liechtenstein
Flag of Navarre
Vascony Basque country+Navarre+ neighbouring part of France
Wurttemberg B-W state minus Baden

Western Asia

Flag Name OTL

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