The United States of America

The United States, or what has been known as the American Empire, is a nation comprising of North and South America. The entire American landmass was all a colony of Rome originally. In 1775, a war of independence from Rome began. The United States wasn't very powerful at first- in its first 50 years, it was dependent on Rome for most things. The United States went to war with the Roman Empire in 1778 and 1941, and it also intervened in two of Rome's three civil wars- it intervened in 1812 and again in 1917. The United States experienced a massive industrialization during the second half of the 19th Century. By 1900, it was firmly a world power. Following the Allies victory in World War III in 1945, the United States became the most economically powerful state in the world. The Roman Empire was weak, but the Mongol Empire was a superpower as well. After a 40-year Cold War between Mongolia and the United States, by the year 2000, the American Empire was the largest and most powerful empire in the world.

The Roman Empire

The Roman Empire is the oldest of states still existing today. Rome had had a long history, with both prosperous and dark times. Rome was founded around 500 BC, and was a republic. After a short period of civil violence following the assassination of Julius Caesar, Octavian gained power in Rome around 27 BC. Octavian declared Rome an Empire, with him as it's Emperor. After some political crises in the 200s, and the defeat of Barbarian invaders in the 500s, Rome lived through many centuries of prosperity. Rome fought several wars with its neighboring empires, the Mongol Empire in the 13th century, and the Arabian Empire in the 16th century.

Tensions grew within Rome beginning at the end of the 1700s. Nationalists in France and Germany attempted to break away in 1789. Following a long civil war, France and Germany were eventually defeated in 1815. But nationalism was still strong, and starting in 1848, French, German, and now Austrian nationalists tried to secede. But this time, the rebels were more organized, and were victorious. The Treaty of Paris was signed in 1872. It stated that Rome would become a democracy and be split into a series of Commonwealths- the German Commonwealth, the French Commonwealth, the Austrian Commonwealth, and the General Commonwealth (the latter being the main Roman Empire). Germany, Austria, and France received partial independence. But in 1914, these commonwealths went to war with each other in a third civil war. The Roman Empire was weak and could do little to mediate this internal conflict.

This civil war, as well as conflict with the United States and Mongolia, caused the Roman Empire to collapse. A fascist's movement, called the Nazi Movement, gained power, and took over most of Rome by 1933. The Nazis were a racists, dictatorial, totalitarian ruling party. In 1933, they won power in all of Rome- except the island of Britannia. So the Emperor and the last remnants of the old Roman Empire fled to Britannia. World War III broke out when the new Roman Empire attempted to conquer it's neighbors, Arabia, Mongolia, and Britannia. Following the Allied victory in the war, Rome was split into East- controlled by the Mongols and West- controlled by the Americans and the British. The collapse of the Mongol Empire in 1989 allowed Rome to be reunited once again. Today, Rome is a major power, although it is overshadowed by the rising powers of Mongolia and the United States.

The Japanese Empire

Japan had been around since the 11th century. Japan couldn't afford to be isolated for one reason- thrice the Mongol Empire had tried to invade Japan, and failed. In the 1100s, when Mongolia conquered it's neighbors- China, Indochina, Russia, Korea- Japan was the only strong nation left in eastern Asia to combat Mongol aggression. In the mid-1800s, Japan set out to become the most powerful nation on the planet. It expanded rapidly, and went to war with Mongolia three times. But this time- Japan was invading Mongolia. In 1894, 1904, and 1933, Japan and Mongolia went to war- and Japan won all three of them. But in 1941, following the outbreak of World War III in Europe, Japan made a mistake that would lead to it's downfall- it attacked the United States, in Hawaii. The United States and Japan went to war over the Pacific. In 1945, with the Americans victorious, the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Japan surrendered. Japan was under American occupation for six years, and when the US left,

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