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The following article lists all countries in Pepin's Venice, arranged by international alignment.


Flag of Denmark-Sweden (Pepin's Venice)    United Kingdom of Denmark and Sweden (København/Köpenhamn)   
dan: Det Forenede Kongerige Danmark og Sverige
swe: Förenade konungariket Danmark och Sverige
Flag of Iceland (Pepin's Venice)    Viceroyalty of Iceland (Røgvigen/Reykjavík)   
dan: Vicekongedømmet i Island
ice: Varakonungsdæmið Ísland
Flag of the Northern Isles (Pepin's Venice)    Viceroyalty of the Northern Isles (.../...)   
dan: Vicekongedømmet i Nordøerne
gla: ...
Flag of the Southern Isles (Pepin's Venice)    Viceroyalty of the Southern Isles (.../...)   
dan: Vicekongedømmet i Sydøerne
gla: ...
glv: ...
Flag of the Faroe Isles (Pepin's Venice)    Crown Possession of the Faroe Isles (Thorshavn/Tórshavn)   
dan: Kronbesiddelse i Færøerne
fao: ...
Flag of Greenland (Pepin's Venice)    Crown Possession of Greenland (Brattahlid/Qassiarsuk)   
dan: Kronbesiddelse i Grønland
kal: ...


Flag of the Highlands of Scotland    Kingdom of Alba (TBD)   
Flag of Cambria (Pepin's Venice)    Kingdom of Cambria (TBD)   
Nordic flag of Ireland (Proposal)    Kingdom of Erin (TBD)   


Flag of Romania (Pepin's Venice)    Romanian Federative Republic (Konstantinoúpolis)   
gre: Roumanikó Omospondiakís Dimokratías


Flag of Fiskland (Pepin's Venice)    Christian Republic of Fiskland (TBD)   
Vinland flag    Christian Republic of Markland (TBD)   
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