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This article offers an overview of all countries and their constituencies in For Want of an Inch, arranged by international alignment.

First World

Country Constituencies
Flag of Albania (1934-1939) Albanian Kingdom
Flag of Belgium (civil) Kingdom of Belgium
Flag of Bulgaria Republic of Bulgaria
Flag of Czechoslovakia Czechoslovak Republic
Flag of Denmark Kingdom of Denmark
Flag of France French Republic
Flag of German Reich (1933–1935) German Federal State
Flag of Hungary (1920–1946) Kingdom of Hungary
Flag of Italy (1861-1946) Kingdom of Italy
Flag of Liberia Republic of Liberia
Flag of the Netherlands Kingdom of the Netherlands
Flag of Norway Kingdom of Norway
Flag of the Philippines (navy blue) Republic of the Philippines
Flag of Poland Republic of Poland
Flag of Romania Kingdom of Romania
Flag of Serbia and Montenegro Federal Republic of Yugoslavia

Second World

Country Constituencies
PROKFlag1979-1989 People's Republic of Cambodia
Proposal 3 for the PRC flag Federal Democratic Republic of China
Socialist India flag People's Union of India
Socialist Indonesia flag People's Republic of Indonesia
Flag of the People's Republic of Japan (Proposal) Federal People's Republic of Japan
Flag of North Korea Democratic People's Republic of Korea
Flag of Laos Lao People's Democratic Republic
Flag People's Union of South Africa
Proposed flag of the Eurasian Union Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
Flag of Thailand (FWoaI) Thai People's Republic
Flag of Vietnam Socialist Republic of Vietnam

Third World

Country Constituencies
Flag of Iran (1964) Republic of Iran
Flag of Iraq (1963-1991); Flag of Syria (1963-1972) Iraqi Arab Republic
Flag of Sweden Kingdom of Sweden
Civil Ensign of Switzerland Swiss Confederation
Flag of Syria Syrian Arab Republic
Flag of Tibet Kingdom of Tibet
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