OldNewWorld v2

The Western Hemisphere (green) as distinguished from the Eastern Hemisphere (grey)

Western Hemisphere


Geographic Map of a part of the Western Hemisphere. Each continent is labled, and white lines divide each continent.




Eastern Hemisphere


  • Andorran Union of France and Spain
  • France
  • Spain
  • Portugal
  • Brittany
  • Kingdom of England
  • Kingdom of Scotland
  • Kingdom of Ireland
  • Scandinavia
  • Kingdom of Norway and Denmark
  • Finland
  • New Russia
  • Prussian Union
  • Tsardom of Russia
  • Balkan Nation
  • Hun Empire
  • New Byzantine Republic
  • Italic Kingdom


  • United Islamic States
  • Alliance of Latin Africa
  • Angola
  • Zambia
  • Malawi
  • Hutu
  • New Ethiopian Union
  • Zulu Republic
  • Tanzia

Asia Minor

  • United Islamic States
  • Kingdom of Israel
  • Ottoman Empire


  • Mongolian Empire
  • Khmer Empire
  • Japanese-Inuit Empire
  • Republic of India
  • United Philippine Islands
  • Caspian Republic
  • Union of Tibet

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