The Queen of France is the consort of the Kings of France and is one of the highest examples of nobility in the Kingdom. Despite this, the Queen typically has little in terms of official power, although they are usually revered by the members of the Kingdom as "the mother of the nation." 

List is from 1400 to the present.

Name Portrait Birth Marriages Death
Isabeau Wittelsbach
(and Regent)
Isabeau of Bavaria c. 1370
Ingolstadt, Bavaria
Charles VI the Mad
six children
24 September 1435
Paris, France
Maria Trastámara Joos van Cleve 003 14 September 1401
Segovia, Castile
Louis XI
three children
15 July 1459
Paris, France
Isabella Châtenois Ambito francese - Isabella di Lorena, regina di Napoli c. 1400
Pont-à-Mousson, Lorraine
Charles VII
one child
28 February 1453
Paris, France
Benedetta Visconti Lucrezia di Medici c. 1439
Milan, Milan
Charles VIII