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This is list of Conlict in Earth With Sumatera alternate history.

The Name with Bold is one Combatants that victory in the end of war.

  • Padri War (1803-1838) Padri vs Adats and Netherland
  • Southeast Asia war (1851-1860) Kingdom of Sumatera vs Netherland and British Empire
  • Invasion to Thailand (1860-1862) Kingdom of Sumatera vs British Empire and Rattanakosin Kingdom
  • Invasion to Rattanakosin (1871-1873) Kingdom of Sumatera vs British Empire,Netherland and Spain vs Rattanakosin Kingdom
  • Battle in Borneo (1880) Kingdom of Sumatera vs Spanish
  • Great Philippines War (1902-1906) Sumatera Republic, Qing Dynasty and Philippine Republic vs United States
  • Invasion to Papua (1910) Sumatera Republic vs Netherland
  • French Cambodia Conflict (1913) French Cambodian vs Sumatera Republic
  • First World War (1914-1918) Allied Power vs German Empire,Austria-Hungaria, Ottoman Empire and Bulgaria
  • Qing Invasion to Cambodia (1915) French Cambodian vs Qing Dynasty and Sumatera Republic
  • French-Sumatera War (1916) Sumatera Republic vs French Cambodian and Great Britain
  • Burma Invasion (1920-1923) Sumatera Republic vs Great Britain and East India Company
  • British Occupation to Burma (1930) Great Britain and East India Company vs Burma Province and Sumatera Republic
  • Second Burma Invasion (1932-1935) Sumatera Republic vs Britain Burma and Great Britain
  • Second World War (1939-1944) Allied Power vs Axis Power
  • Japan-Sumatera War (1941-1942) Sumatera Republic vs Japan Empire
  • Arab Israeli War (1948-1950) Israel vs Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon
  • Korean War (1950-1953) South Korea, United States, United Nations, United Kingdom and Sumatera Republic vs North Korea, Spviet Union and China
  • Suez Crisis (1956) Sumatera Republic, Soviet Union, Egypt and Palestine vs Israel, United Kingdom and France
  • Vietnam War (1956-1975) United States, Sumatera Republic and South Vietnam vs North Vietnam
  • Ten Day War (1967) Sumatera Republic, Soviet Union, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Iraq and Saudi Arabia vs Israel and United States
  • Sumatera-Israel War (1970-1974) Sumatera Republic and Other Arab State vs Israel,United States and Europe Union.

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