The Confederate States Secretary of State is the head of the Confederate States State Department, concerned with foreign affairs. The Secretary is a member of the President's Cabinet and the highest-ranking cabinet secretary both in line of succession and order of precedence.

Secretaries of State

# Picture Name Home State Began Service Ended Service President(s) served under
1 ToombsRobert ToombsGeorgiaFebruary 25, 1861July 25, 1861Jefferson Davis
2 HunterRobert M.T. HunterVirginiaJuly 25, 1861February 22, 1862Jefferson Davis
3 BenjaminJudah P. BenjaminLouisianaMarch 18, 1862June 10, 1872Jefferson Davis/
Alexander Stephens
4 ToombsRobert ToombsGeorgiaJune 11, 1872February 22, 1874Alexander Stephens
5 LongstreetJames LongstreetAlabamaFebruary 22, 1874February 22, 1880Robert E. Lee
6 MaxwellAugustus E. MaxwellFloridaFebruary 22, 1880February 22, 1886Judah P. Benjamin /
James Longstreet
7 SettleThomas SettleNorth CarolinaFebruary 22, 1886December 1, 1888 D James Longstreet
8 CustisCustis LeeVirginiaDecember 1, 1888February 22, 1892James Longstreet
9 GordonJohn B. GordonGeorgiaFebruary 22, 1892February 22, 1898Benjamin Tillman
10 DickinsonJacob M. DickinsonTennesseeFebruary 22, 1898February 22, 1904W.H.F. Lee
11 Mallory, Jr.Stephen Mallory, Jr.FloridaFebruary 22, 1904February 22, 1910Furnifold Simmons
12 UnderwoodOscar UnderwoodAlabamaFebruary 22, 1910February 22, 1916Carter Glass


  • D Died in office of natural causes.

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