Chaos TL
The World
Concept in the Chaos TL OTL equivalent
Socialism Socialism / Communism
Monetarism Capitalism
Veritism Objectivism
Wan Tu Manga / Manhua
Mishka Teddy bear
Logo (Computer) Hacker
System Computer network
Weltsystem Internet / World Wide Web
Zanzara Artificial insects (flying nanotech robots)
Erworbenes Immunschwäche-Syndrom / EISS AIDS
Schwarm (swarm) Nanoswarm
Märchenwelt Virtual Reality
System Movies Not existing (yet) in OTL; computer-made movies with a labyrinthine structure, where you can choose your way
Bolzer Gang member(s)
Mokker Someone who does participate in illegal car races
Motorkutsche (German for motor carriage, abbrev: Mok) (Motor) Car
Logo Jedermann J. Random Hacker
Theory of Complexity Cybernetics (science of complex systems)
Söderlinger Scandinavian-descended people in Australia
Delication Refining (of oil)
Horreur Angst
Terramici Environmentalists

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