This is a list of flags that have previously or are in use by the Commonwealth of England.

Current National Flags

Commonwealth of England

Flag of the Commonwealth 1653 - The Protectorate Jack, popularly known as the Union Flag. Used as the flag of the Commonwealth A superimposition of the flags of England and Scotland with the Irish Harp (Representing Ireland)National flag used by government

Great Britain

Flag of England c.1275 - Flag of England, also known as the St George Cross A red cross on a white fieldDe facto national flag.
Flag of Scotland c.1300 - Flag of Scotland, also known as the St Andrew Cross, or the Saltire A white saltire on a blue fieldNational flag used by Scottish Government and agencies, as well as by ordinary citizens.
Flag of Wales 1959 - Flag of Wales, also known as the Red Dragon or Y Ddraig Goch A red passant dragon on a green and white fieldNational flag used by the Welsh Assembly Government and agencies

Military flags and ex-services flags

Flag of the Commonwealth Navy 1660 - Ensign of the Commonwealth Navy The White Ensign

Evolution of Protectorate Jack

Evolution of Commonwealth Flag

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