List of Co-Princes of Andorra

Episcopal Co-Prince Reign French Co-Prince Reign
Bishops of Urgell Counts of Foix
Arms of the Counts of Foix House of Foix
Pere d'Urtx 1278–1293 Roger-Bernard III 1278–1302
Guillem of Montcada 1295–1308
Arms of Foix-Béarn House of Foix-Béarn
Gaston I 1302–1315
Ramon Trebaylla 1309–1326
Gaston II of Foix - Bearne 1315–1343
Arnau de Llordà 1326–1341
Pere de Narbona 1341–1347
Gaston III of Foix-Béarn 1343–1391
Nicolau Capoci 1348–1351
Hugó Desbach 1351–1361
Guillem Arnau de Patau 1362–1364
Pere de Luna 1365–1370
Berenguer d'Erill i de Pallars 1371–1388
Galcerand de Vilanova 1388–1396
Mathieu 1391–1396
First Annexation to Aragon
Andorra was briefly annexed to the Crown of Aragon in 1396.
Bishops of Urgell (restored) Counts of Foix (restored)
Arms of Foix-Béarn House of Foix-Béarn (restored)
Galcerand de Vilanova (restored) 1396–1415 Mathieu of Foix-Castelbon (restored) 1396–1398
Isabella 1398–1413

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