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Interesting cities in the Chaos timeline


Name founded as OTL equivalent Feature
Rome Rome Long-time seat of the Roman-Catholic pope, later capital of Italy and New Rome too
Constantinople Byzantium Istanbul Capital of the Byzantine Empire, the Latin Empire and the Rum-Seljuks too
Avignon Avignon Seat of the Roman-Catholic pope, when he wasn't in Rome (1303/09-1407, 1460-1703, and 1738-69).
Königsberg named after Otakar Przemysl
Aleksandrskoye Kazan named after TTL equivalent of Aleksandr Nevsky
Vanhakaupunki Helsinki Peace of Vanhakaupunki
Itil Astrachan
Kholmogory Archangelsk
Hamburg Hamburg Peace of Hamburg


Name founded as OTL equivalent Feature
Yenisseisk Krasnoyarsk Capital of Novorossiya
Patsifikskaya Vladivostok
Vladivostok Sapporo
Popovsk Chabarovsk
Fort Knox Singapore


Name founded as OTL equivalent Feature
Haraldsborg New York named after Prince Harald
Nouvelle Orleans Veracruz New Orleans Capital of Louisiane
Nystad Wilmington first city in Atlantis founded by Sweden
Roma Nuova Norfolk first city in Atlantis founded by Florence; Capital of Italia Nuova; Peace of Roma Nuova
Charlesbourg Charleston first city in Atlantis founded by France; Capital of Caroline
Martinsburg Philadelphia first city in Atlantis founded by Germans; Capital of German Atlantis
Neubrück Nieuw Brugge Easton Battle of Neubrück took place here
Wolfsburg Detroit
Kingsburgh Montreal
Fort d'Eau Toronto
Wildenhartburg Chicago
Paulskirchen Minneapolis Conference of Paulskirchen
Tainstvo Sacramento
Drevesina Boise
Franzensburg Novorossiysk San Francisco
Santiago Havana
Stefor Stafford City Recife / Pernambuco
Neu-Hamburg Fort Humphrey Buenos Aires
Novolondon New London Salvador Capital of Braseal
Paradies Paradise Rio de Janeiro Center of the German movie industry
Trinidad Amarillo
Nueva Leon Caracas


Name founded as OTL equivalent Feature
Anfa Casablanca
Alexandersborg Cape Town Named after king Alexander / Alasdair IV of Scotland. Capital of Australia (Australafrica).

Antipodia (Oceania)

Name founded as OTL equivalent Feature
Philipsburgh Wellington Capital of New Albion
New Dublin Sydney Capital of Tir Tairngire

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