The Chief of the Chickasaw Nation is the head of the Chickasaw Republic's government executive branch. Each chief is limited to a maximum of twenty years by the 6th Chickasaw Constiutional Amendment (twenty-two years if circumstances permit), and are typically elected by popular vote of national citizens, though this law wasn't put into effect until after the death of Floyd Maytubby in February 1963. John Hughes remains the only one to not appoint a President for a period of the first length of his term, and the first to be killed when he died at the World Trade Center in the September 11th attacks. The 7th and current Chief of the Chickasaw nation is Miko Hughes, eldest son of John Hughes, and youngest chief to ever be appointed, as he was only sixteen when his father died in 2001 and he was named chief under the Succession Clause of the 6th Amendment.

List of Chiefs of the Chickasaw Nation

# Name Portrait Term Length Party President(s)
1 Douglas H. Johnston DouglasHJohnston 1900-1939 Chickasaw National Party Peter Maytubby
2 Floyd E. Maytubby Floyd E Maytubby 1939-1963 Unaffiliated E.B. Hugh Maytubby
3 E.B. Hugh Maytubby EB Hugh Maytubby 1963 Unaffiliated None
4 Overton James Overton James 1963-1975 Chickasaw National Party Charles Phelps
5 Charles Phelps 1975-1986 Chickasaw National Party Pat Redbone, Sr. (1975-1980); John Hughes (1980-1986)
6 John Hughes 1986-2001 Chickasaw Republican Party Roger Johnston (1986-1996); None (1996-2001)
7 Miko Hughes Miko Hughes 2001-Present Unaffiliated; Somewhat leans toward CRP Mary Whiteman

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