The office of Chancellor of the United States was established in 1840 under Governor Anderw Jackson (who was 73 at the time) to aid the governor with the day to-day functions of government. The office was vacant when the governor is in good enough health to manage the government without much aid. Usually the governor had become elderly beofre a Chancellor is appointed.

In 1912, under Governor Theodore Roosevelt, the system was changed. The Chancellor became a permanent and constitutional office. It was still appointed by the Governor, but responsible to Congress, (mostly the Assmbly). It has remained this way since. John Boehner, the incumbent, was appointed in early 2011 by Governor George W. Bush, in the Assembly, he has the support of the Democratic, Republican, and Libertarian Parties.

# Name Term Party Served Under
- Vacant 1789-1840 N/A

George Washington

John Adams

Andrew Jackson

1 John C. Calhoun 1840-1841 Democratic Andrew Jackson
2 Martin van Buren 1841-1845 Democratic Andrew Jackson
- Vacant 1845-1848 N/A

William Henry Harrison

Henry Clay

3 Millard Fillmore 1848-1852 Whig Henry Clay
- Vacant 1852-1875 N/A

Millard Fillmore

Abraham Lincoln

Ulysses S. Grant

4 Hamilton Fish 1875-1879 Republican Ulysses S. grant
5 James G. Blaine 1879-1885 Republican Ulysses S. Grant
- Vacant 1885-1899 N/A Grover Cleveland

William Jennnigs Bryan

1899-1908 Democratic Grover Cleveland
7 William Howard Taft 1908-1914 Republican Theodore Rooseevelt
8 Woodrow Wilson 1914-1918 Democratic Theodore Roosevelt
9 William Howard Taft 1918-1919 Republican Theodore Roosevelt
10 Frank O. Lowden 1919-1923 Republican William Howard Taft
11 Herbert Hoover 1923-1929 Republican William Howard Taft
12 Charles G. Dawes 1929-1930 Republican William Howard Taft
13 Cordell Hull 1930-1944 Progressive Franklin D. Roosevelt
14 James F. Byrnes 1944-1947 Democratic

Franklin D. Roosevelt

John Nance Garner

15 Harry S Truman 1947-1950 Democratic John Nance Garner
16 Bob Taft 1950-1953 Republican John Nance Garner
17 Sam Rayburn 1953-1960 Democratic John Nance Garner
18 Lyndon B. Johnson 1960-1963 Democratic John Nance Garner
19 John F. Kennedy 1963-1967 Democratic John Nance Garner
20 Richard Nixon 1967-1967 Moderate John Nance Garner
21 Nelson Rockefeller 1967-1971 Moderate Richard Nixon
22 Carl Albert 1971-1974 Democratic

Richard Nixon

Ronald Reagan

23 Jimmy Carter 1974-1979 Democratic

Ronald Reagan

24 John Jacob Rhodes 1979-1981 Republican

Ronald Reagan

25 George H. W. Bush 1981-1987 Republican

Ronald Reagan

26 Tip O'Neill 1987-1990 Progressive

Ronald Reagan

27 Tom Foley 1990-1995 Progressive

Ronald Reagan

28 George H. W. Bush 1995-1997 Republican

Ronald Reagan

29 Newt Gingrich 1997-2000 Democratic

Ronald Reagan

30 George W. Bush 2000-2004 Republican Ronald Reagan
31 Dick Cheney 2004-2006 Republican George W. Bush
32 Nancy Pelosi 2006-2011 Progressive George W. Bush
33 John Boehner 2011- Republican George W. Bush

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