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Canada DownDifPath

This is a list of the 9 provinces and 4 territories of Canada in 2015.


Province Name Flag Postal Abbreviation Population Capital Largest City
Quebec Flag of Quebec QC 8,214,700 Quebec City Montreal
New Brunswick Flag of New Brunswick NB 753,914 Fredericton Saint John
Newfoundland and Labrador Flag of Newfoundland and Labrador NL 514,536 St. John's St. John's
Ontario Flag of Ontario ON 13,550,900 Toronto Toronto
Manitoba Flag of Manitoba MB 1,208,268 Winnipeg Winnipeg
Saskatchewan Flag of Saskatchewan SK 1,033,381 Regina Saskatoon
Alberta Flag of Alberta AB 3,645,257 Edmonton Calgary
British Columbia Flag of British Columbia BC 4,400,057 Victoria Vancouver
Yukon (Territory) Flag of Yukon YT 33,897 Whitehorse Whitehorse
Northwest Territories Flag of the Northwest Territories NT 41,462 Yellowknife Yellowknife
Nunavut (Territory) Flag of Nunavut NU 31,906 Iqaluit Iqaluit
Greenland Flag of Greenland GL 38,639 Nuuk Nuuk
Greenland du Nord (Territory) 2nd Proposal by Andersson GN 17,498 Uummannaq Ilulissat

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