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List of Canadian Prime Ministers (Confederate Provinces of Canada)

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# Name Took Office Left Office Party Deputy Prime Minister(s)
1 John A. Mcdonald 1867 1874 National Party of Canada George-Étienne Cartier
2 George-Étienne Cartier 1874 1901 National Party of Canada Benard McGivle
3 Wilfrid Laurier 1901 1915 Freedom Arthur Meighen
4 Arthur Meighen 1915 1916 Freedom David Shewmaker
5 Victor MvcLehan 1916 1920 Communist William Lyon Mackenzie King
6 William Lyon Mackenzie King 1920 1948 Communist David M. Sallon
7 David M. Sallon 1948 1967 Communist Fraz Von Givinstrot
8 Fraz Von Givinstrot 1967 1981 Communist Pierre Elliott Trudeau
9 Pierre Elliott Trudeau 1981 1988 Communist Brian Mulroney
10 Brian Mulroney 1988 1995 Communist Jean Chrétien
11 Jean McClane 1995 2002 National Party of Canada Erick Von Lindersin
12 Jeffrey Goldberg 2002 present Canadian Nationalist Stephen Harper

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