Caliph of Kenopia
Coat of Arms of Kenopia
Sooraya Shajar al-Qadir
since 2011

Style: His/Her Righteousness
Residence: Sahar Palace
Titles: Caliph of Islam

Successor to Muhammad

Reigning house: None

The Caliph of Kenopia is the head of state of the Caliphate of Kenopia.


After Shajar al-Durr was ousted as Sultana of the Mamluks, she swore to return and have her revenge. She fled into Sudan and established the Sultanate of Kenopia. In twenty years time she gathered many troops and gained support from local tribes. In 1270 she attacked the Mamluk Sultanate, where she besieged Cairo. After a long battle she killed the sultan, Baibars. After which she declared herself "Caliph of Islam" and officialy founded the Caliphate of Kenopia. However, there already was a caliphate, the Abbasid Caliphate. Most nations today recognize the Abbasid Caliphate as the true caliphate. Kenopia gives financial aid to the countries which accept them as the true caliphate, which are the Songhai Empire, Lyrobia and Kongo. However, in the wake of the Persian Revolution, in which the Abbasid Caliphate showed its corrupt and bloody side, many countries have now recognized Kenopia as the true caliphate.

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