CoA Empire of Brazil (1847-1889)

Coat of arms of the Empire of Brazil

This is a list of Brazilian monarchs since 1822, when the country became independent.

Note: In the period between 1831 (abdication of Pedro I) and 1840 (crowned Pedro II), Brazil was ruled by a regency.

  • Pedro I (1822-1831) (abdicated)
  • Pedro II (1840-1885)
  • Afonso I (1885-1887)
  • Pedro III (1887-1889) (abdicated)
  • Luísa I (1889-1896)
  • Luís I (1896-1913)
  • Antônio I (1913-1928)
  • Luís II (1928-1964)
  • Luís III (1964-1981)
  • Manuel I (1981-2000)
  • Pedro IV (2000-2007)
  • Diana I (2007-)

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